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It took me 7 days to drive from Chicago, Illinois to Anchorage Alaska.  I sold all of my vehicles and bought a small Toyota RV to make the drive up.  I was able to pack all of my stuff inside and also pull over and sleep/shower when I wanted.  The drive was long and tiring at times. At some points, the road was full of large potholes and tons of loose gravel.  But, my RV and I made it in one piece (minus a few chips in the windshield from errant gravel).  As I continued North, the scenery got more and more beautiful - making to drive more than worth it.  The mountains in British Columbia, the Yukon, and Alaska are beautiful.  The wildlife and trees are in exponentially greater numbers than in the "lower 48".  Just off the road while driving, I spotted bald eagles, brown bear, grizzly bear, goats, sheep, moose, marmots, porcupine, wolf, and fox.  Anchorage, where my office is based, is a large city surrounded by beautiful wilderness.  I've explored a bit so far, but I can tell all of my free time this summer will be spent exploring.. Many people come to Alaska and never leave - I'm beginning to see why.  The next page has some new pictures from my 4th of July weekend.