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Welcome to my NEW links page, these are some sites that I check out once in a while to indulge my various interests.  They are not organized in any way - I just add them as they come to my scattered brain.  Please email me with any of your favorite links that I can include on this page.  Happy surfing.....

Blackwater Outdoor Experiences                                     Colorado Outward Bound School                                        Google
- Where I've worked on and off since college.                -I worked with these guys over the summer of                     -My all-time favorite search engine.  Easy to use
A great outdoor program for adolescents and               2000.  A great program to really get outdoors.                   and comes up with the best hits. HIGHLY
adults with substance abuse and other issues.                                                                                                                recommended.

United States Peace Corps                                                Recreation Therapy WebPages                                           Sustainable Transportation
-Enuff said  - check out their web site and learn            -I've just recently been turned on to these pages.             -This is a great site for promoting non-car transport.
how to volunteer if you want an experience that             Some great info and links for those who are                     Check out their links page - awesome.  These people do
will change your life (and mind) forever....                       interested in working with special populations                  some really good things - I wish I would have had their
                                                                                                 in the outdoors.                                                                         resources when I was trying to start some similar stuff
                                                                                                                                                                                                      while I  was in the Peace Corps.

Struggling Teens                                                                  The Outdoor Network                                                              Pete Lowy's Website
-A good site for finding out about programs                   -A great outdoor oriented site.  Good daily news               -Here's my good friend, Pete's web-site - he's just as lost as
that deal with at-risk youth.  They also have a                 headlines of industry news and an awesome                  I am - just in a different, more responsible way.  Anyways,
pretty good job board if you are looking for                     listing of outdoor jobs available.                                           he's got some great pix of his Peace Corps experience on Chuuk
employment in the field.                                                                                                                                                          and of his "real" life.

CNET website                                                                      Aurora University                                                                         Good recreation therapy links:
-For all you full- and part-time computer                         -Where I went to graduate school.  Check out             
geeks out there (like me) - I use this site all                  their masters program in Outdoor Therapeutic           
the time to get free downloads of cool software            Recreation.
and to comparison shop and get
recommendations for my next "geeky"

Jason's website                                                                   Tim's web pages
-My crazy roomates website - he's caught                      -My Buddy Tim's website - great pix of Latin America
the trellix bug also.                                                              and beyond.