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My internship site sponsors this race.  Over 15 athletes from around the world participated this year and raced over 250 miles in 5 days from Fairbanks to Anchorage.  To give you perspective - this is on par with completing two 26 mile marathons each day.  My specific job was to drive a support car for Bogdon Krol - an awesome racer from Poland.  With the help of a French assistant - Remi - and a Polish/English dictionary, we had a blast and captured a hard-fought battle for third place.  Below are some pix from our fantastic week. To see racer profiles and specific results - go to the Challenge Alaska Website (
Remi, Bogdon, and myself celebrating capturing third place with the help of the Hooter's Girls.

Kevin Finishing a Stage                                   Getting Ready for the Start

Two of the top Racers                     Pit Crew Hard At Work

Game-Face                                          The Top 3 Handcycle Winners

                                Some Happy racers and Crew                                     The Start

                    Going a little Stir-Crazy in the Pilot Car              Very Supportive Crew-Members

                     Some Camera-Happy Bunk-Mates              .....and some, well - not so camera happy mates

The Entire Crew - Racers and Support People

All the Racers

I'll Leave you with Larry - One of our crazier racers