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I had a week off recently and was able to check out Prince William sound on a 4 day solo sea-kayaking trip.  I left out of Whittier, Alaska.  Prince William sound is a world-class destination due to the active glaciers and teeming wildlife that one can see.  Below are some pictures of just that - glaciers, sea creatures and some beautiful scenery.  Some say that the water can get really dangerous at times, but I was blessed with mostly flat water and splendid weather.

                                          Base of a Glacier                                                     Pointed at a Glacier

                                          View from my Tent                                               Yummy Wild Raspberries

                                         Former Starfish                                                                         Jellyfish

                                    Parked Behind a Bigger Iceberg                                              Receding Glacier

                                       Headed to the Glaciers                                Close to the Glaciers with small Icebergs

                                          Looking At Whittier From the Water                          Camping Beach

Big Cheesy Smile